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Welcome to Richard

This website is dedicated to the work of Richard Donkin - an independent journalist, commentator, author, public speaker and media trainer.
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Richard Donkin, Journalist & Financial Time Columnist

Richard Donkin has written columns for the FT on work, emoployment and management for a number of years. Richard Donkin now writes for the FT and other publications on a freelance basis.
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Richard Donkin, Author

Richard Donkin is the author of Blood Sweat and Tears The Evolution of Work. The book is the outcome of Richard Donkinís own search for purpose and meaning in his work.
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Richard Donkin, Public Speaker

Richard has expanded his public speaking activities to include seminar moderating, panels, chairing conferences and subject-specific presentations.
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Richard Donkin, Travel Writer

Richard has written many people focussed travel articles. A selection of the best of Richard Donkin's travel pieces appear here on the site.
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