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Richard Donkin - Public Speaking

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In the past few years I have expanded my public speaking activities to include seminar moderating, panels, chairing conferences and subject-specific presentations. Listed below are some of the more recent events I have undertaken. For booking arrangements and consultation about your speaking requirements please see contact details or email me now.

The Brave New World of Work

A discussion of trends and developments influencing the future of work and organisations.

Past events:

Stepstone, Croner, Archer Mathieson, Reed Business Information

Trends in Human Capital Management

A discussion on Human Capital Management and the use of metrics. Updates on the latest measures, debates and thinking on HCM.

Past events:

Investors in People, HR Society, Association for Human Resources Management in International Organisations (AHRMIO)

A History of Work

A look at the evolution of working practices from pre-history to the present day.

Past events:

Oracle, London Business School alumni, Barcelona European HR conference

The Transforming Workplace and the Future of Work

An examination of workplace trends and future predictions.

Past events:

Devonshire House Forum, Resources Connection, The Ilkley Group, Manpower, Water for Fish, Aon Consulting and CriticalEye forum

Small World, Big Future

The theory and practice of networks, understanding how networks work and how to make them work for you.

Past events:

Interim Connect

The Interim Management Business

Outline of the interim management market.

Past events:

European Interim Management Conference Association, Brussels

Euoropean Employment Strategy

Analysis of the changing labour markets in the European Union

Past events:

Friends of Europe, Adecco and McDonald's Stakeholder Group

Trends in Expatriate Employment

Past events:

GMAC Global Relocation Services

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