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The Media Clinic

  • How can you build relationships with journalists and make them mutually rewarding?

  • How do you know you can trust a journalist?

  • What does “Off the record” really mean?

  • What do journalists want and how can you help them?

  • How does the media work?

  • How do you avoid a media bloomer?

These are just some of the questions answered in my media clinic that offers a detailed grounding in media relations that should be understood by every senior professional who seeks the potential to enhance a reputation at personal and organisational levels.

Demand has been growing for a tailored service that I have established on a limited basis, running no more than once or twice a month so that it does not clash with other commitments.

This thoughtful, practical, and, I hope, entertaining consulting package is designed to explain how the media works, how individuals can position themselves to speak confidently with journalists, how they can avoid common pitfalls and how they can become a “contact of choice” when a journalists needs an authoritative opinion or comment.

The service allows executives to try out their interview techniques and brush up their media skills in a safe, confidential environment, making themselves aware of the potential pitfalls and rewards of regular media involvement and coverage. Have you ever wondered why your competitor is quoted in article after article? Why let them grab all the headlines?

It might be the best investment you ever make.

Contact me at: [email protected]

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