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The Future of Work

Winner of the CMI Management Book of the Year 2011 in the Digital Management Book Category

What the judges said...

'The Future of Work is a book by an acknowledged master in the field, an author who treads the same path as Charles Handy and Richard Leyard, someone who realises that the nature of our working lives and the satisfaction or otherwise that we gain from them are subjects too important to be left to the writers of dusty textbooks.'

'The judges also described it not only as full of inspiration and thoroughly relavant to modern managers but also, even, a page turner. That is no mean feat of writing. I have read a lot of management books in my time and I can tell you that there are only a handful which you could call, hand on heart, page turners. There are many great stories and big ideas in business and management, but very few writers can make them come alive as well as Richard Donkin'

It seemed logical after writing a history of work that I should write something about the future of work. Indeed the perspectives of change gained through the first book were useful in analysing the themes that are transforming the way we work today.

I am convinced now that as a society we are undergoing a watershed in the way we live and work as significant and as life changing as the new work that emerged during the Industrial Revolution.

My new book investigates what I believe to be the most important influences behind the changes in work that we are experiencing today and that will be strengthening forces in future.

Additionally it outlines policy considerations for governments. Unless governments act on these themes they are likely to be storing up unnecessary economic hardship for their populations.

A presentation tailored to the themes outlined in the book is available . Please contact me if you wish to find out more about this. 

The Future of Work - read about it here

Quotes from the book

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