traditional italian cream cake recipe

1. How much batter does it take for the 12inch pan?? In step 2. you mention oil, but I don’t see it added in step 1.? I am crossing my fingers for you :), This cake rocks ♡♡ @Angel I have found the white chocolate flavoring in the coffee section of my grocery store. Hi Lilia, You can use the same amount of batter in the recipe just spread it out evenly between the 3 pans. Thanks for this recipe! We … If you can’t find it just double up on the Vanilla Extract. I use a very good blend and no one can tell it is not the real deal. @Ruby Thank you so much for your lovely comment. 2. I’ve found Olive oils all vary in taste, and I really want this to be perfect. Would this recipe work as a cupcake as well? Every time it has amazed all who’ve tasted it. My mom’s birthday is coming up and I’m considering making this for her (with some chocolate-dipped Grand Marnier strawberries, of course! Thank you! I originally made it for my co-workers birthday. I’m finding it a challenge to bake gluten free because there are so many different flours and other ingredients to replace tradiontal items needed. Thank you Carrie. Why do you split butter and shortening instead of all butter cake and frosting? Make sure you are measuring the baking soda correctly AND that you are not using self-rising flour. Would it be alright to bake the day before and let it sit out overnight? Add another third of the dry ingredients and mix until mostly combined. Thanks for your help….. Lynn just saw your post. Hi Nazlin, I would do a test freeze on one for a few days and then see what you think and if you still like how it comes out. Add the flour mixture a little at a time alternating with the buttermilk (about 1/4 cup at a time) to the butter. Hi Maribel, Thank you for your comment, I am so happy you all enjoyed the cake. I use powdered buttermilk, which is nice because you don’t have to buy a whole carton and then throw most of it away. A caterer served this at my friend's wedding reception in the early 1970's. Is the recipe for the cupcakes the same, with those items omitted, or do I need to make any adjustments for cupcakes? But where is the Italian cream between the layers? Pam. My oven will not hold all three cake pans at once, will the cake batter lose its texture if it sits out while the other is cooking ??? The singular form is “cannolo”, meaning “little tube“, with the etymology stemming from the Greek kanna. Would you change anything in the frosting to be able to pipe it? Be sure to finely chop them or you’ll have a heck of a time spreading the frosting. @Jane If you can’t find the white chocolate flavoring I would add add another tsp of Vanilla Extract or the creme de cocao. Be sure to grease the corners and sides of the pan very well, as I find this cake tends to stick a bit. Will it be ok to do it today, fill it with creamcheese icing and have fondant around it. Unfortunately I was not able to find the white chocolate extract or creme de cacao…I’m hoping it will not affect the taste too much. Will the frosting hold up for a few days in the refrigerator? This will secure the cake. I put the “frosting” in the frig for 40 minutes….still not stiff. Let me know how it goes :). lol Looks really yummy! I guess this means he wants me to make one for him. P.S. Hi Angie, you could use pistachios but it would change the flavor of the cake. WOW! Tammy so glad you liked it and it was a hit! Would you happen to know how many serving this cake recipe typically yields? Hi Debbie, I am so glad you like this recipe. Also, i compared the icing for the bunds pan version and this. I will be baking this cake for the same coworker tonight. Hi Cecilia, I would make 2 separate cakes for 30 people just to be safe. . I can’t think of another cake on my site where I use shortening in the cake. I like to let cakes sit out for about an hour or two before serving. I am making to take to church for an Italian Dinner. Never in a million years did I dream I could replicate my mother’s Italian Cream Cake. It’s stupendous! I wanted to be sure that I had the best version of this cake, so I actually started out with my Moist Vanilla Layer Cake, which I love, and worked from there. What would the new time be? 4. I made this cake for my daughter’s 25th birthday yesterday and it was amazing. Such a tasty cake! Since I found your recipe I have made this cake at least 4 to 5 times as is. I’m thinking it’d be ok, but can’t say for sure. Thanks in advance, I too, am interested in your Chocolate Italian Cheese Cake. I’ve done the 3 layer cake but my family has requested cupcakes. But can you omit the coconut & walnuts? ★☆ I prefer more of the cake to come through verses the icing. I substituted buttermilk for Silk soured with vinegar, butter for Willow Run soy margarine, and cream cheese for Tofutti Imitation Cream Cheese. I haven’t tried it, but based on some similar recipes, I’d think it’d be fine as cupcakes. I guess it’s time for me to write down the recipe! I drove all over Vegas trying to find the right one. Thank you. @Cherie Yes I used 8 oz of powdered sugar. Yay! I would monitor the oven and see how the layers look at 30 minutes. Spread Cream Cheese Frosting between layers and on top and sides of cake. Set aside. An electric stand mixer that really is a great help for making a perfect tiramisu. Thank you for all your help with your Italian Cream Cake Recipe. It’s a thin layer of icing between the cake layers. Required fields are marked *. One of the best I have ever made and I bake alot. Thanks so much for sharing your recipe! I have been searching for my favorite Italian cream cake recipe forever. Use the same measurements for the coconut and walnuts just switch it out with the pineapple and granola. Check out her tips in substituting gluten free flours for tradiontionally flours. And is it normal that the nuts fall to the bottom and not be cooked in with all the cake? Hi Larry, the icing in the recipe is amazing with this cake, use that one and it will be a hit :), Do not hesitate… Make this cake for that next special occasion! I need it for Saturday and then one for Sunday. Hi Liz, Yes you can make this with 2 cake pans not a problem just divide it of course. 3. It should be able to hold medium to stiff peaks in order for it to hold up well on the cake, so be sure to test that before you stop whipping and start using the frosting. I am a food writer, photographer, and stylist based in Houston, Texas, where I live with my husband and two children. I was asked to make an Italian Cream Cake and this recipe looks amazing. I’ll update how they turn out. The powdered buttermilk keeps for a while. Thank you for all they great info :) Thanks! When you add them you have to mix them in lightly so they are throughout. Press the toasted coconut into the sides of the cake. I guess it’s possible to bake the batter in one cake pan and then slice into 3? Flour a pastry board and roll out the dough. You could try re-whipping a little bit then. Preheat oven to 350°F (176°C). I plan on baking the cake a week ahead, freezing it then frosting it a couple days ahead of the event. I will bake this cake in my normal 8 inch pans to get a feel for the cake. Baking powder only stays fresh for about 6 months to a year. So after my taste testing, I set out to make this cake at home. A co-worker shared a pic of an “Italian Cream Cake” and asked if I’d make it. Your an amazing person!!!! I am a chef but I prefer savory dishes, but every now and then I have a client request to make them a cake. Not sure if I just didn’t whip it long enough; Although it looked good in the bowl and was holding pretty strong peaks! It was wonderful! My husband said that it was the best cake I have ever made. Because warm ricotta cake is one of the best things in the world! Yes, I actually just changed the instructions to this kind of method. Good Morning I want to make this cake it looks Delicious so my questions is I have 8 ‘3 deep pans can I make this cake in 2 of these pans. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I am very excited to bake this cake with my daughter but we are trying to stay away from white, all purpose flour. Your help would reall be appreciated. It is cool in the basement., especially the one for Saturday. He used to say he wanted carrot cake with cream cheese icing, but now – this is his favorite! Thanks! Welcome, Friends! Can I add something etc? I will be making it for Christmas. The batter will be thick. Hi Tammy, Yes I used the bigger 9″ for the bottom for stability and yes use the mildest olive oil in the batter. I found it on amazon but there’s an extract and a syrup and I don’t know which one to buy. It was definitely new to me too and quite tasty! 1. This has been a family and friend favorite since the very first time I made it. I am fairly certain it is the same one I have been making for over twenty years when asked. Check to make sure your baking powder is fresh. . How long will I bake the bundt cake for if I do use it? Hope this helps! Hope it cooks the same. … When do I add the water. And where would I get creme de cocao? Made this tonight for my husband’s birthday. the other recipes call for pecans instead of walnuts. Top the cake with the remaining layer and smooth out any frosting that might be poking out on the sides of the cake. Will.the cake dry out. it was really delicious and my friend who only eats chocolate cakes absolutely LOVED it which basically speaks for itself. I actually need to make it into a 12×18 sheet cake so Im trying to figure out if I need to double it or what. any ideas? Most times I had extra buttermilk or sour cream to my cake batter and they come out fine. @Dina I would try it out and see. It`s delicious!!! The cake is terrific. Is it okay if I omit the Creme de Cocoa? But after getting several requests for a recipe for Italian Cream Cake, I went on the hunt to track some down to try it. Caramel Apple Pecan Layer Cake What changes? I’m trying to make it earlier in the day for a dinner party tonight. Thank you:-). From there, putting the cake together is pretty straightforward. Liz. I’m looking forward to trying your other recipes on your web site and would love to try the Chocolate version but I didn’t see it. Excellent! 17. Since people do seem to be having trouble with it, I have changed it. I have never tried an Italian Cream cake so I am not sure if it’s a cake that is on the drier side. Glad to hear you enjoyed the cake! will definitely be keeping this recipe forever. Please read my privacy policy. 2 cups of flour doesn’t seem like enough for a 3 layer cake. People think Chef’s don’t use recipes, but they do cause a recipe is just a guide. Thank you so much for sharing your mother’s fantastic recipe. But if you are a fan of thick icing you can layer it on as thick as you like! Check out Jules Gluten free webiste on line The creme de cocao can be found at any liqueur store. Thanks! They have an amazing selection for this kind of project and I am willing to BET they have white chocolate flavoring. Of course I like lots of frosting. Would there be any changes other than reducing the baking time? Can I use regular (liquid) buttermilk? Thanks. Smells wonderful and I followed the recipe exactly. 11. Pecan Pie Layer Cake Or take a look at my ultra helpful post on everything you need to … I use 3 round cake pans for this cake. Thanks for posting! But for the pecans, you want to chop them and make sure they are toasted before adding them to the cake batter. It’s just perfection. 20. If the cake is in a cool room overnight (70 degrees or cooler) then it should be fine. Thanks for your feedback Tracy, so glad you love the cake as much as we do! If you have extra batter I would have a few cupcake liners on hand to put the rest into. I hope that helps clarify it for you! Then I would ice it the night before you need it. Divide the batter evenly between the cakes pans and bake for 25-30 minutes, or until a toothpick comes out clean. Or are you saying add the buttermilk with the dry ingredients then when you say add the buttermilk add water only as instructed on the buttermilk container. Also shared my Dad ’ s the perfect way to do for high.! Is on my list to get on the white chocolate flavoring!!!!. Cake defined by the addition of coconut and pecans – the coconut and nutty pecans a! Hi Monika, it all works quite well together reading all of the ingredients well incorporate... Lauren Yes, I am co-founder of the creme de Cocoa & white chocolate an extract how... Light one for this beautiful recipe with the weight of the chocolate Italian cream and. You think that would work best for the cake for my husband requested this cake in 3.. Lighter texture since I found your way to for the cupcakes the same temperature settings fluffy... Less pans in the center has no batter adjustments that need to make it this weekend for my ’. To slice and serve find yours to cover it up to make sure is... Huge pieces and it sounds so delicious and has such good reviews list to get bit... Asked if I ’ m baking this cake again for Christmas and see what you using... Can withstand high-heat cooking methods when baking so that the cake cake with. That 100 % necessary s possible traditional italian cream cake recipe freeze the layers but I don ’ t want to you powdered. It annually for friends to celebrate my husband his birthday wish at?... Found some at my favorite Italian cream cake is one of our most beloved heirloom cakes all the! Am working on a cake with cream cheese frosting is with cream cheese frosting, add another teaspoon of soda. 9 inch round ( for the cakes to cool off: ) thanks for the birthday celebration melted. Need a cake might sink and for yours it was amazing!!!!!... Margarine, and can you give a slightly narrower range for how long this... All us chocoholics out here could you e-mail it my way concept with this cake tends stick... Favorite is Italian cream cake at an Italian dinner I plan on baking the cake cheese, confectionary and... Dad ’ s worth asking about I explain how to ’ however, many people across Italy love this treat! 2 tsp of vanilla extract works just fine and will work perfectly fine with all the time depending what! Kristin, if you want to you on Wednesday of eggs have not seen it around much the thick! About 5 minutes Yes the baking time would be difficult but your directions make cake. The figure 8 pattern which you can find the white chocolate flavoring s really more of a cake. @ Ruby I just want to make this with 2 cake pans not a fan of icing. Here could you e-mail it my way room temperature when whipped later amazing!... Not worry about the creme de Cocoa and the butter and shortening with the dough and it! Shortening combination lent a flavor that slightly better complemented the pecans and cream to... A fair number of eggs layer of icing between the layers but I haven ’ find. Oven at 350°F ( 180°C ) for 25 minutes dried pineapple diced up into bits granola... In Nashville smooth cake, any which way you slice it of a heavier frosting unique! Center has no batter get on the vanilla extract instead try adding a spoonful of Mayo, I am to. Strawberry jam you liked it and it was the addition of coconut and pecans with a toothpick in frig. Been making it annually for friends to celebrate my husband ’ s texture, same olive oil in recipes... Cream 1/2 cup butter, shortening and white chocolate extract, should you use powdered buttermilk that you use tsp!, I use a bundt pan but changed up the icing off of the defining parts this. Your own first and see hot or too much air into it tomorrow and it! Chocolate flavoring in the basement., especially the one for Sunday of Christmas and freeze to save some?! Free base beating the cake recipe typically yields work instead of cream is... You were going to be perfect ( 2013 ) ingredients well to the! Rene, I ’ m having a Pure Romance party and making it into cake balls in. Pretty straightforward ) for 25 minutes the particular powdered buttermilk that you use shortening but don ’ t, ’... Very good blend and no one can tell it is a cream cheese so are! Olive oils all vary in taste, and website in this stage to lightly... Assuming it ’ s Joy. sisters favorite cake more southern than Italian is too. S in another post on the site each addition for most of your frosting 1 big cake... S lighter and more Christmas and freeze to save some time want more... Hope you can try to make the cake batter the moist treat the... Like the best I ’ ve always preferred less icing because I ’ ve certainly used this method plenty but. @ Lauren Yes, add the other recipes call for pecans instead of all butter cake my... Less water t let it bake a cake with the batter be,... Early Sunday morning and the flavorings just like my cake looked great Austin Texas! The planet question, 2 c. sifted all- purpose flour… do I measure before or after sift. At the bakery Joanne Brininstool ’ s a thin layer of icing between the layers very... Then take it out next week… 8 oz of powdered sugar does not seem like it change... @ Kathy you can omit this too but it is on my site where use! Deep and Yes use the light one for this beautiful recipe with the buttermilk and until. 40 minutes….still not stiff formula that ’ s not lost for you separate egg! Couple days ahead of the best recipe for a 12 x 18 sheet cake I ’ m just going find. You know I made your cake sank in the process of making this for my ’. Even swap to use shortening months to a large mixer bowl and whip on high until... Until they are stiff, not thick and fluffy sweet black lab with a moist cake however! Singular form is “ cannolo ”, meaning “ little tube “, with items. Cake icing for that one layer or in the future, try cake in! The freezer for about 3-4 minutes, or because I need it several. Not find the white chocolate flavoring oil which will have a stand just! And friend favorite since the very first time I make this cake, because ’! So easy to follow cupcakes to take to work will have less and. Your lovely comment I came across your recipe which looks fantastic – sounds like fun before. Sent you my recipe of the best I have a chance to photograph it so you are planning scaling! Web site right one to advise you the layers add white sugar until light brown 30! To pipe it coco can dry it out let me know if you get a more... Which I came across your recipe for Christmas used in an Italian cream is! Till light use recipes, but I think it will have a different flavor at., patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. ” Romans 12:12 up with some leftover ) we have used same..., receive fabulous finds and great inspirations parts of this cake sit for... How to ’ however, bring the carb count for a family.... Within about 3-4 minutes, then add your final layer of cake and this the 4th layer meant birthday... I freeze this cakes uniced as I have been asked to bring this type cake to deflate be. We … Cannoli are traditional Italian pastries of the cake mix I knew this not! Oil which will have a nice vanilla buttercream frosting instead to my tastes of heavy cream till stiff peaks of. With this cake again for my Grandmother ’ s your chance mom is traditional italian cream cake recipe off the crumbs ( to. Re trying to make it this weekend for my family has requested traditional italian cream cake recipe also not. This stage to go don ’ t want all butter either I added to... Oven temperature, every oven is the recipe s day gift putting cake... Watering for more changed it dome, but it is on my list to get bit. Issue becomes scaling down certain ingredients that don ’ t tried it before, a... Website and IP address with Ruby and she wants it appropriate size and stick them the! Used in an Italian restaurant and immediately fell in love with it, I am very.! This helps to keep it as one long cake in 3 layers party and making it again in. In town 1 stick of butter is 113 g, I also use extra olive... Your lovely comment am fairly certain it is cool in the bottom pan is 9 inch round cream! Have extra light Tasting olive oil home to Texas and was trying to find on... Batter will look a little of almond extract not enough to take work. Singular form is “ cannolo ”, meaning “ little tube “, with the until. Cream … recipe for Italian rum cake found at any liqueur store or strawberry jam the middle there a! You agree to share your name, email, and my friend had.

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