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There’s a healthy amount of clarity in the mid-range. Thanks for the comment, Kevan! The neck profile is rounder than a traditional classical guitar neck, and there are two side dots (at the fifth and seventh frets) on this Kantare, too. Electric guitars vary greatly in sound, look and playability. These questions include: These are all excellent questions and ones that I suspect every guitarist has asked at one point or another. The solid top is a great improvement over the Fender CP-100 above, which has a laminate top. So as you’re searching around for a new guitar (and by the way, have you seen the GuitarAdventures guitar comparison chart?) The Rubi CM SN is the third guitar in this round-up constructed around a Spanish heel. Kantare’s Finnish distributor is Liikanen Musical Instruments. Overall manufacturing quality would presumably preclude these instruments from sounding good though. This is why you’ll see a lot of beginner guitars advertised as “solid-top”. This is why decided to do a little round-up of a cross section of nylon-string acoustic in the all-important price segment of 250-400 euros. And I would also add that while “good” is subjective, sound is something that can be measured and analyzed and it is without question that laminate doesn’t resonate all frequencies as well as solid wood. This is a very cleanly built guitar. There is multi-ply binding on both top and back, with the outermost ply being mahogany. And the results are often devastating – terrible, terrible cracks. Finally we have something a little different. Choose the one you like best. But we also knew that 60’s pop was not quality music, it was mostly fun or a little opinionated. Solid wood guitars do not contain laminated (layered) wood, so as an example if you own a solid top acoustic Martin D18, the top is all solid wood, not layered in any way. I would refer you to this page: He does a better job explaining what I’m trying to say. The workmanship is crisp and clean. A solid top is an important ingredient in an acoustic guitar, played regularly the top will ”come to life” and mature to its full tonal potential. There are very cheap brands that offer solid wood tops, but they won’t be made of the choicest timbers, although that wouldn’t preclude the odd example having better wood. ( Log Out /  #Guitar #Topsolid #cedar. Time will tell. The bottom end isn’t overpowering, the mid-range is warm, and the trebles sound open, but never too bright. This makes the Malaga an excellent choice for a beginner, but also a very viable candidate for flamenco players, who prefer a very fast action and a clicking attack. Out side on the back of a motorcycle, campfires at the beach, snow, rain, cold and rain. [Future guitar feature of the Martin D-18V]. Although the cogent arguments were made for the benefits of both type of guitars. To help you judge whether or not a guitar has a solid top here are a few hints for inspection: The key lies in the sound hole. Skip to main content. cheers……. Hora is one of Europe’s largest makers of string- and bowed instruments. I guess I am going through a grieving process and wondered whether there is a guitar heaven I should send it too. Most flamenco guitarists of that time were cash-strapped, which is why they tended to play Torres’ cypress guitars. I need a guitar that can take it; and take me through the next 50 or 60 years. Search High Quality Solid Top Guitar Manufacturing and Exporting supplier on Review: Ten Affordable Solid Top Classical Guitars, Testipenkissä: Yamaha THR5A, THR10C ja THR10X, Testipenkissä: Tokai Love Rock LC-107, LS-130F & LS-160, Kielten vaihtaminen nailonkielisessä kitarassa, Testipenkissä: Roland Micro Cube GX + Cube-80 GX, Kielten vaihtaminen teräskielisessä kitarassa,,,,,,,,,, The Vivace C’s voice is very woody and a little bit dry. They have the purchasing clout to design the laminates and have them manufactured to their specifications. Kantare’s Hauser-style machine heads are of very decent quality, and work precisely. Apart from the LRS bracing, a common denominator among most Kantare models is a maple neck. Try Prime All The neck profile on the Admira Malaga is traditional. Our review sample was kindly provided by Vantaan Musiikki. I thought maybe I did not get my money out of this $50.00 guitar but then again this sounds absurd. Still, it is very interesting to take a look at the different ways modern manufacturers use to re-interpret Torres’ time-honoured concept for the modern player. I keep it in a hard case. Brand new and used for sale. This guitar is a real beauty with its tinted cedar top and its intricate soundhole rosette. The neck is made from toona, a south Asian relative of cedar, that also grows in Australia. I think that it looks and sounds great. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! A bluesman of my acquaintance (a Martin devotee like all acoustic blues men I’ve met) directed me to the Martin X series, his street guitar. (My kids tell me I wasn’t missing much in the 90’s.) FAQ - Frequently Asked Beginner Guitarist Questions. (like the Gibson ES-175 or ES-335). The Malaga is one of the lightest instruments in this review. Admira is one of the largest makers of classical guitars in the world. Regular price ₱13,500.00 ₱13,500.00. Most Kantares are built in Romania. HI,WITH ALL DUE RESPECT I THINK THAT IT’S A MYTH THAT LAMINATES DO NOT IMPROVE SOMEWHAT WITH AGE.MY CHEAP YAMAHA CLASSICAL FROM THE SEVENTIES DID.I STILL OWN IT. Solid top means that the top is all wood (as in not sandwiched/laminated). Tyma G-20 Solid Top Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar Spruce/Mahogany - Brown Sunburst Regular price ₱16,900.00 ₱16,900.00. Esteve’s neck profile is genuinely classical – wide and flat. Now I shall listen harder to the sound. Everything about the production of the guitar was the same as every other guitar they build except for one thing: they used wood from a warehouse pallet. The biggest sonic difference between a laminate and a solid is that laminates tend not to resonate sound as well. I have no doubt your Fender laminate acoustic sounds awesome – I’m not disputing that. I feel like a sleazy gameshow host writing this, but there aren’t really any losers in this round-up. Thanks to Ukulele Music for the shout out! The Admira A5 has a big voice with an even balance between its chunky bottom end and clear treble attack. For me that was the 60’s, and my taste runs to the Beatles, Stones, Beach Boys, etc., and I barely notice pop music from the 80’s on. The stark and unadorned rosewood bridge of the GC3-NAT is a stylish contrast to the instrument’s beautifully intricate soundhole rosette. Admira’s Malaga is part of their Student-range. LaMancha’s Rubi CM SN is a satin-finished guitar with a narrower-than-usual neck (LaManch call it ”Small Neck”), making it a good choice for young students and players with small hands. About 29% of these are Guitar, 0% are Stringed Instruments Parts & Accessories, and 0% are Other Musical Instruments & Accessories. His back and sides were made from rosewood, mahogany, (flame) maple, and cypress. Instead of the traditional fan bracing (or a variation thereof), Kantares employ the patented LRS-bracing. 2020 popular Ranking Keywords trends in Sports & Entertainment, Guitar, Men's Clothing, Women's Clothing with solid top guitar and Ranking Keywords. The back’s centre seam has also been adorned with a mahogany inlay. Paradoxically, months ago I had a tarot reading by a gypsy. The neck profile is genuinely classical, meaning the neck is wide and flat with slightly angular shoulders. You’re going to pay a heck of a lot more for an entirely solid-wood guitar than just a solid top. Does a Solid Top Make a Difference on Beginner Guitars? Tilaan Kitarablogia! These days you can get a decent instrument with a solid wood top for a moderate outlay. It is one of those difficult things to pick out, but when you notice it it is very obvious. The action is low-ish (for a classical), making for a very comfortable playing feel. Admira’s A5 is one of three instruments in this round-up built with a Spanish heel. The makers know what works and what doesn’t in a traditional sense. I highly recommend you consider stretching your budget at least enough to get a solid wood top acoustic guitar. The sound is concentrated in a way not dissimilar to an optical lens. It’s like a part of me, and there’s no way I’m playing it on the street, at barbeques or campfires, or in bars where it could be banged into or spilled on. There are some manufacturers that use high pressure composites and high pressure laminates for the back and sides effectively resulting in strong and projecting guitars. Put your eMail-Address here, please! A side by side comparison will reveal different volume levels, resonances and projection, but not a definitive and absolute measurement of what sounds “better.” My only acoustic guitar is a Fender all laminate. The solid sitka spruce top is an excellent soundboard that you’ll find on quite a few high-end guitars and the sapele makes for a nice back/sides. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Admira guitars are distributed by Musamaailma in Finland. Try Prime Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Orders Try Prime Basket The Kantare Dolce hg has quite a loud voice and projects nicely. I am interested in Martins 2015 DRSGT but it is made of sapele wood side and back and Solid Sitka spruce top; what do you think? There are two small side dots in the fingerboard for orientation. I chose it for a variety of reasons and prefered it to many of the solids of equal value in the store where I bought it. The GC3-NAT has a beautiful and fluid voice, a clean and open mid-range, as well as a precise attack. But, my future challenge was to “Let it go!” So I came to your excellent site to begin my search for a new beater and revisit pawnshops for the One! Learn how your comment data is processed. late ’80’s. Kauko Liikanen’s and Uwe Florath’s Lens Resonance System concentrates an oval pattern of braces around the top’s bridge area. Again, we’re seeing guitars every bit as good as the same brand solid-wood, for as little as $250. The test instrument was kindly provided by DLX Musiikki. My sweater accidental caught on the F hole corner and pulled up some of the laminate. Instead of just giving you my opinion here, I’m going to first lay a foundation of guitar facts that should help guide you to your own decision. I suspect most experts would choose the more exotic woods, but that many of us can’t hear that little difference, and can’t afford to indulge someone else’s taste. The Vivace C is finished using a new German-made (by Hesse Lignal) non-poisonous product, called Proterra Resit. The Admira A5 is an affordable instrument from the Spanish maker’s Handcrafted-series. All ten guitars are real instruments that are well up to the job of making beautiful music. On acoustic guitars, the term solid top means all wood/natural wood top, as opposed to a laminate. The CG122MS is a lightweight instrument with a slightly more rounded neck profile. But we have come a long long way from the laminated crap of the 60’s, 70’s and some 80’s. The Yamaha CG142S is the only guitar in this round-up that combines a gloss-finished body with a satin-finished neck. While most of the article is accurate I do take exception to the statement “It will sound better acoustically” in reference to a solid top guitar. ( Log Out /  There is no doubt that aesthetics factor significantly into our everyday purchases, and instruments are no exception. This is especially true in humid or arid climates. EPIPHONE ™ AJ220S - VINTAGE SUNBURST - LIMITED EDITION SOLID-TOP ADVANCED JUMBO ACOUSTIC GUITAR …other acoustic players who have spent much more on their guitars wish they had gone to Epiphone instead. Takamine is one of the very few makers of Spanish guitars who uses a truss rod inside their nylon-string guitars’ necks. This is why you’ll see a lot of beginner guitars advertised as “solid-top”. Solid top guitars will also look better. I remember hearing hearing an interview with concert violinist Itzhak Perlman wherein he recalled somebody telling him after a concert “Your violin sounded great!”. As the sound board/top is the most important part of the sound on an acoustic guitar, it is indeed important whether or not you have a laminated or solid top guitar. On this Yamaha, too, the neck profile is a tad more rounded compared to a traditional neck profile. The sound of your acoustic guitar is a team effort. You’re going to pay a heck of a lot more for an entirely solid-wood guitar than just a solid top. LaMancha’s distributor in Finland is Musiikki Silfverberg. So until you are a star recording artist, your secret is pretty safe, and even the very top pros will use the laminate models to get a unique sound. Miguel Rosales C-3BCEQ/CR Solid Cedar Top Thin-body Classical Guitar,Fishman EQ $ 419.00 $ 385.00 Add to cart; Miguel Rosales C-3BCEQ/CR Thin Body Solid Cedar Top Classical Guitar,Fishman EQ $ 419.00 Add to cart Our review sample sports Kantare’s brand-new arm rest, which is sold separately. a variation on Formica, they use the same solid-wood tops as the high-end concert guitars, and they are made in Mexico. Taylor Guitars, a premier guitar maker based in California, once did a test that I found incredibly interesting. Maybe you prefer more modern masters that embrace recent instruments using the wonders of new materials and maybe I’m out of touch. Osoite tähän, kiitos! The fact is that solid-top guitars are generally more expensive than laminate, but that’s not necessarily an indicator of quality. Vastaus   |   So even though you can measure it – it won’t be that useful. Classical guitars have always been a very important part of Yamaha Guitars’ wide range of models. Is the visual, aesthetics. The Rubi’s neck profile is narrower and rounder than that of a traditional classical guitar. Enjoy! Traditional French polish is very time-consuming and work-intensive in use, which is why you’ll find it on only a limited number of handmade instruments. offers 2,268 solid top guitar products. Yritä uudelleen. korea. Now almost every manufacturer makes low-cost variants using, not HPL,but laminated tone-woods. Like all our Epiphone acoustics, the AJ220S is legendary for being easy to set up and for staying in tune so no matter how much playing time you have, it's ready to go. Solid top acoustics are more sensitive than laminate top guitars, and will require more care. Hello Josh, just discovered your website, some nice stuff in here! Chat to buy! Fans of the Spanish heel claim that this type of construction will give you maximum vibrational transfer and better tone. The new finish nicely accentuates the beautiful wood grain of the guitar’s maple neck. The guitar plays like a breeze. While you’re technically correct that there is no quantified measure of music quality, I think that most would consider what we have heard from top musicians playing top instruments as our personal definition of ‘quality music’. The CG122MS plays very well with a nice, traditional action. Many of their models have already won awards by the European Guitar Teachers Association. And, truthfully, you won’t be able to tell much of a difference in the long run. The review sample came with a surprisingly low action (for a nylon-string). Understated beauty is the thing with the CG142S., Takamine G Series Review | Great Beginner Guitar? Kantare guitars are designed in Helsinki by the grand old man of Finnish luthiery, Kauko Liikanen. Although few, there are times when a high-quality laminate wood might be a better option than a low-quality solid. Just beginning the guitar search again after my new one was destroyed in a car wreck a month after I purchased it. So yes, I agree that qualified player can make any guitar (to a reasonable degree) sound fantastic. Torres came up with the final shape of the Spanish guitar, the basic construction principles (like the top bracing pattern or the separate bridge saddle), and his choices of materials still inform and influence builders to this day. The Takamine GC3-NAT is a spruce-topped classical guitar made in China. The Yamaha sounds well-balanced, and displays a crisp and clear attack. The action on our review instrument felt a bit high and stiff for my taste (I’m not Andrés Segovia).

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