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You may, however, start a new topic and refer to this topic with a link: http://www.fiddlehangout.com/archive/13606, fiddlepogo - Posted - 03/12/2010:  13:54:25. For my voice, the low cut was helpful and I could hear myself a little better in the mix. The only reason I ask is that the PR30 is about $100 cheaper, and my budget is a little stretched at the moment. Of course, maybe there is something I'm doing wrong that's exaggerating that quality in the condensers.But in contrast, the PR30 had none of the ringiness, yet it reported the high frequencies accurately- not too flattering, but tolerable.And that was only a first shot, there may be better possibilities with different mic positions.Now if I can only overcome those hum and noise problems in the left channel so I can record with two dynamics at once. Just a friendly reminder that political discussion, (including "offhand" and 'sideways' commenting) is, Just wondering how they compare (on vocals only). Read More » Had a chance to shoot out the PR-20, PR-30 Beyer M99 and RE-20 on vocals recently. Plus I'm aware that putting the same mic capsule in different housings can result in a different sound.That's essentially the difference between the SM57 and SM58- same capsule, different housing and windscreen. But it was another $250, and didn't solve the mic clip problem.I also considered an OM-6 Audix. I've been using the Audix OM6 ever since they came out and still like them a lot. Similarities & Differences 1… Because it has a reduced top end it has less digital "buzz" or … Although these graphs don't tell you exactly how a mic is going to sound, they do indicate that the SM7 would have more character, in that there's a bigger bump at 5k; and it shows the the SM7 might have less sibilance, because of the big dip at 7 - 8k. So I tried a mic clip from Radio Shack designed for wireless mics. Kontakt Všeprozvuk.cz Tomáš Skok, Antala Staška 2374, 738 01 Frýdek-Místek Tel. I consider both of these microphones, the Heil PR40 and the Shure SM7B, to be one of the best dynamic microphones available today. H. Helge Dr. Bentsen Senior. Your source for the best Bluegrass, Old Time, Celtic, Gospel, and Country fiddle lessons. Heil PR35 Vocal Microphone - who bought one? Company founder Bob Heil understood very early in his career as a microphone designer that voice articulation is key to ham radio, both for emergency use as well as for the hobbyist. The proximity affect on the PR20 is major. Since that fateful call Heil Sound has been at the forefront of dynamic microphone design and manufacturing. All Rights Reserved. I played around with the PR35 through an A-Designs MP-2. The Heil is virtually flat, with a little bump at around 4k. It can be used for high quality live recordings while … They work great both for recording podcasts and also music. Dynamic Large Diaphragm Microphone Polar Pattern: Cardioid, Frequency range: 40 - 18,000 Hz, Max. Neither the PR35 nor the PR30 are, at least not at these lowvolumes.Then, after the gig was over, but while my rig was still set up, I switched the position of the two mics.This wasn't that easy because they are mounted completely differently, so I had to unscrew the clips and switch them.Then I sang a song with the PR30 on voice and the PR35 (with a bit of low cut) on guitar.It had been good the other way, but now it was excellent-both voice and guitar were clear and mellow, and the trace of boominess on the guitar was gone due to the low cut availableon the PR35.The few audience members still in the room agreed that both voice and guitar sounded better.The only odd thing about that setup is:the PR30 doesn't LOOK like a vocal mic, but an instrument mic,and the PR35 doesn't look like an instrument mic, but a vocal mic!! It's the hand version of the Heil PR30. Pros 4. Your source for the best Bluegrass, Old Time, Celtic, Gospel, and Country fiddle lessons. http://www.fiddlehangout.com/archive/13606, 'I installed some Wittner tuning pegs on my two fiddles', 'Fiddle Lesson - How can I improve my fast playing? This weekend I had a chance to use the PR35 live and in the studio. J would like to have a shorter version of this microphone. Tube pre lovers, this might be a nice alternative to the sm7b. BluegrassDaddy.com  Other Fiddle-Related Topics The EV's are some I hadn't thought of and the AKG peaks my interest. Best OH mic I've ever tried. Santiago Dobles from Aghora (Artist) – “Heil Pr 30 is hands down the Best Guitar & Tom Mic out there. ', 'Eck Robertson's Lost Indian Fiddle Lesson', 'Old-Time TOTW #127: Lost Indian--Eck Robertson's (11/29/20)'. I'll gladly post opinions once I actually know something. Heil Model PR20 / 22 PR30 PR35 PR40: WindTech Model 300 Series 20/421 Series 900 Series 20/421 Series Josephson Model C42: WindTech Model 1200 Series Peavey Model Celebrity PAA250 PAA350 PM16S PV Pvi PVM22 PVM38 PVM46 PVM480 PVM520i PVM535i PVM580i PVM835 PVM880 VCM2 VTS1000: WindTech Model 900 Series 900 Series 300 Series 500 Series 900 Series It's made of a softer material and did much better, but still occasionally would slip and threaten to drop on the fiddle!! But having two mics with low cuts was attractive versatility wise. It was too late for a serious test, but I did a quick comparison and then took it to band practice. shortyprs - I'll definitely be looking forward to hearing your take on all three mics tomorrow. fiddlepogo - Posted - 03/12/2010:  22:43:57. I've done some recording the last couple of days. bought a PR35 a while ago used cause it was really cheap. I will outline the PR40, compare it to the PR30, and then give a recommendation in my Final Word A rundown: 1. I would say the PR20 or 35 would be more appropriate for vocals in acoustic music or chick singers who are a little in-your-face, the SM7 would be more of a rock & roll mic. I'm just posting, so people don't think that you're just talking to yourself. Their PR35 vocal mic has become a “go to” mic for many high profile artists and the PR30 and PR40 are staples in not only concert sound, but also broadcast and studio use. It captures more High Freq's than the Shure. Installment #2 of my favorite recording features the Heil Sound PR30! Live 2 Play Network (Review) – “Without getting into microphone physics, the special construction, and use of modern materials, allows the Heil Sound PR35 and the other PR series microphones to avoid the muddy proximity effect that occurs when one gets up close to the windscreen. Mike Otto; Heil PR20 Microphone; Get a world-class choir sound! Some even use them during live performances. I have no doubt the ksm8 is wonderful and will probably end up with a couple in the locker. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. ... although I do notice that some people apparently like the PR30 better than the PR40, so there isn't unanimity that the PR40 is the pick of the litter among Heils. not tried it on guitar amps because I have the PR30 for it. Mr. Bob Heil made us a short version as pr31bw Pleeeeasee. Period. Makes some folks nervous. By Mark Woods. Your Price $ 19.00 msrp:,lowPrice:19.0. Cons 5. The PR30 seems to work better at a distance for vocals, where the PR35 id definately at home almost touching the lips. I love the PR35 capsule and the PR30B. All Forums Hide these Google ads: join the Players Union! Using a PR35 is a lot like using a new set of fancy pickups in your guitar. Anyone use/used them both? I did read however that the SM57 and SM58 capsules were EQ tested after manufacture, and some with certain characteristics were selected for instrument mics, and some with other characteristics were selected for vocal mics...but part of the difference IS the housing.An SM58 with the windscreen removed DOES make an acceptable substitute for an SM57.Anyway, I wanted to satisfy my curiosity about the performance differences between the PR35 and PR30. It always just works. And all of a sudden I could recognize what I was hearing in the B1 condensers that was making it so unpleasant.Condenser mics have a tendency to get a ringy quality, and I think what I was hearing was the fiddle's high pitches ringing.And the result is that the high pitches are EXAGGERATED, which is the last thing that fiddle needs. I have over 71 guitars (this includes Basses and Acoustics). Last question. Did a few tests on female singer ,male rapper and my internet radio show. It has to have a wide body because of the large diaphragm. The Heil is more versatile as an instrument Mic. Sibilance was not an issue with either. Heil Sound PR35 is a high quality, recording-grade dynamic handheld with an emphasis on presence and a rich, extended low end. Actually I know it'll do well, I used it once on the dreadnought when I was playing rhythm backup guitar for someone else. Heil microphones are made in the USA. 8. It has a warmer and more forceful sound than the PR20/22, with a pronounced proximity effect and an extraordinary lower-end in general.  Product Reviews and Shopping Advice 7. I discovered that it is really, really good on the HH (charley) and so dynamic on the HH. Summary 3. I don't really have anything to add. Mark’s Guitars. The 20 is a deeper sounding version of an SM58...The 30 is as good as it gets for an instrument mic and the PR40 is a lot like an EV RE20 or an SM7 on steroids. fiddlepogo - Posted - 03/14/2010:  01:42:19. It's warmer sounding.Then, I discovered that Heil brought out the PR30 in black....actually called the PR30b.heilsound.com/pro/products/pr30/It has a more secure looking mount, and I figured it would be better for mic-ing the fiddle from above. Heil PR22 Cardioid Vocal Microphone; Heil Sound PR-35 Large Diaphragm Vocal Microphone Heil Sound is the only high performance microphone manufacturer for amateur radio. The la” More from Live 2 Play Network.  ARCHIVED TOPIC: Another Heil Mic- PR30 vs. PR35, Please note this is an archived topic, so it is locked and unable to be replied to. The PR35 is the same mic capsule, but installed in a mic shape designed for vocal use. (My old favorite was an m88). Just as I was getting a handle on my GAS. Hey there! I want my stage rig to be unobtrusive... and the PR30 WAS only available in champagne silver.Well, I loved the PR35 for both voice and fiddle- guitar too!It recorded well the few times I recorded with it, but I mostly gigged withit, since it was so good at picking up the voice and fiddle together.Only two flies in the ointment.I was mic'ing the fiddle from above, and the supplied mic clip didn't secure the wide PR35 body well enough to keep it from slipping. On my Knilling Bucharest, which is on the bright side, I got good resultstonight with the PR35 on top and the PR30 getting the bottom plate- the mellow PR35 tames the shrillnesson top, and the PR30 brings clarity to the mellow back tones. Heil PR40 vs. Shure SM7; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Thoughts from Stu’s notepad 9. What you will need? Save money by buying the right equipment. Skip to main content. On my Knilling Bucharest, which is on the bright side, I got good results tonight with the PR35 on top and the PR30 getting the bottom plate- the mellow PR35 tames the shrillness on top, and the PR30 brings clarity to the mellow back tones. Both go for about the same price, with the Shure SM7B being about $50 dollars … Heil PR40 vs. Shure SM7B Comparison! $132. No one else in the band noticed anything different enough to comment. In spite of that, to compare the sound - the SM7b does have more character, more of a sculpted sound, the PR20 is more natural sounding. Since the mic clips are different, I wasn't able to A/B them since I wanted to leave stuff ready for the gig...but I also wanted to use the PR30 AT the gig.Anyway, the PR30 does just great overhead on fiddle, as I thought it would.Even without the low cut, it's not boomy... the slightly greater clarity seems to balance out the full bass response.And it seems just a bit more sensitive and condenser like in it's pickup pattern.Fiddle sounded great in this preliminary test.The extra clarity doesn't make it sound harsh- I was using my Knilling 4KF,and while it was very clear, I could tell it was attenuating the treble just a little, and just enough.I'm off to gig with it! Find great deals on eBay for heil pr20 and heil pr22. Video Review 6. Who this mic benefits? The Heil looks like it would sound a little more natural, perhaps flattering a female vocal more than the SM7 would. Heil Sound PR 30 Large Diaphragm Multipurpose Dynamic Microphone I have clients who prefer the PR30 for singing vocals, voice overs, commercials, narrations, audiobooks and dramatic readings. I tried doing some recording with both Heil mics, putting the PR30 to work mic'ing the top plate,and the PR35 on the bottom to the side.Well, I had technical difficulties with the left channel the PR35 was on.Noise and hum that only show up when I'm recording with dynamic mics.I had similar problems with the previous Edirol USB interface. Not a high end PA, but it sounds surprisingly good!Anyway, I tested the PR35 and PR30 side by side on voice-at first I could not tell any difference (I remembered to shut the low-cut on the PR35 off! HEIL SOUND PR35; HEIL SOUND PR35. This is a quick comparison that I did of the Shure SM58 and the Heil PR35. Its very RE20-y. His ham radio products are a result of that level of concern for the voice. Open quick view dialog for Heil Sound Windscreen for PR20 & PR35 Microphones { "inCheckoutPromo":[] } Heil Sound Windscreen for PR20 & PR35 Microphones. Heil sound PR35 • dynamický ruční mikrofon • přepínač útlumu hlubokých kmitočtů: 80Hz, 6dB/oct • frekvenční rozsah 40 Hz - 18 kHz (UP- bez filtru), 80 Hz - 18 kHz (DOWN- s filtrem) • kardioidní charakteristika • hmotnost 0,3 kg . 4 years ago. Posiadamy prawie 10 milonów klientów w 120-krajach. fiddlepogo - Posted - 03/31/2010:  03:10:33. No technical difficulties this time.I'm REALLY loving the PR30 for my voice... sounds good with no preamp, no effects, NADA!! When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Jan 19, 2011 915 32 28 40 Oslo, Norway, Norway drbentsen.no. Hey, Pogo! May 4, 2014 #17 Re: Overheads: small vs LARGE condenser SDC every time. I thought the 20 wasn't really in the same class as the others, more of an sm57/audix I5 sort of tool. All heil the king of rejection – the PR 35 – the dynamic microphone that sounds like a … Haven´t tried the PR35, but if it´s close to PR30, it should be one awesome mic... the KMS105 sounds great, but the bleed from other instruments on small stages is a serious issue. Hum that wouldn't happenwith phantom powered condensers, only with dynamics. Some of you may remember that some time ago I purchased a Heil PR35 mic.heilsound.com/pro/products/pr35/It's a large diaphragm DYNAMIC mic- yes, you read that right.The PR35 is a modification of the PR30 (same large diaphragm capsule) with an internal shockmount added for handheld use, plus it has two low cut positions.I bought it because I figured it would give me the same performance as the PR30, plus versatility... plus it looks like a stage mic, 'cause it's black. Heil PR-35 Handheld Dynamic Microphone The Heil PR-35 Handheld Dynamic Microphone is an incredibly versatile vocal microphone. I'd to check one out. Another gig today using the PR30 on voice and the PR35 on nylon string guitar for the whole thing- great sound! March 17, 2011. After the first use of the PR30 on his choir, my Saint Louis client wrote the following: “The PR30 is an incredible choir mic! I own several of both of these Mic's. The PR30 is an instrument mic that can be used for vocals, but not if you are going to hold it in your hand. i have PR40 -> joemeek vc1 (old one) -> metric halo uln2 (w/softsat and haloverb). !There was another musician in the audience, and he said everything sounded very clear!I forgot, even before St. Paddy's, I have a gig where I use the fiddle on Monday with my sound reinforcement setup, so I'm looking forward to seeing- or rather hearing how it goes! It has an amazing amount of rear rejection but exhibits no off-axis coloration, so it is like having a supercardioid and omni mic in one! They asked for a room together. The PR30, in particular, has made my year!” More from Kurt Ballou. I can now say, unequivocally, that the PR35 and the MP2 are in love. 1 day, 'Happy St. Andrew's day - the Gael' 1 day, 'Eck Robertson's Lost Indian Fiddle Lesson' 2 days, 'Old-Time TOTW #127: Lost Indian--Eck Robertson's (11/29/20)' 2 days. I'm using my Fender Pro Junior-it's a tube guitar amp, but has pretty good clean headroom at low volumes, and the speakerand tubes I have in it reproduce highs and bass pretty well, and the amp is known for midrange.So it's somewhat more balanced than a typical guitar amp.Still, it should be interesting to see whether my results are consistent next time I get to use a real PA system.One plus to having two mics with the same capsule-they have the same output, so I could keep the levels on the preamp and mixer the same.That's sort of like the SM57 and SM58 being so similar... it's a nice little plus, because then the micshave the same output and settings as a baseline starting point.With the Samson R11, I had to give it more gain, but had to guess how much since I'm running my own sound,and never seemed to get it quite right.Next week I have a St. Paddy's Day gig... actually TWO of them, one morning, one afternoon.So we'll see how the PR30 does there on vocals and fiddle, since I'll play fiddle some and more guitar and voice too- except I'll probably use my dreadnought, see how that does with the PR35. Or perhaps you'd want the Heil for one singer and the SM7 for another - or use the SM7 for lead vocal and the Heil for BG's. I may be back for 3 Underhead battery. Heil PR48 - New from Heil Sound; Do You Need More Choir? The Telefunken M80 and Heil PR35 are the ones I'm most intrigued by, since they're both claimed to have "condenser-like" sonic qualities, without the drawbacks of a condenser. Getting a decent recording off of the Knilling 4KF seems to depend on getting a mic on the mellow sound coming from the back plate too. (I'm gonna guess there is some extra screening or something in the PR35). The PR30 has a lot more presence than an RE20, the RE20 would sound dull to most folks by comparison, but it's wonderful how controlled the low end response is at any distance. Heil Sound PR35. I have not heard the Heil PR35.....I HAVE heard the PR40, PR30 and the PR20. Still, between the low cut and the slight added cut in the mix, this will be my new gigging mic. Have you checked out the frequency response graphs on the manufacturer's websites? Edited by - fiddlepogo on 05/20/2010 18:18:01, fiddlepogo - Posted - 03/12/2010:  19:49:07. The Beyerdynamic M88 is supposed to be an SM58 on steroids, but it cost a few bucks. Only that the sound quality was so good that it spoiled me. When I'm singing into the PR30, I'm usually using the PR35 on guitar or banjo, which also sounds really good. !The other unpleasantness??? A PR35 is due in tomorrow. MIX, 2007 [T]he PR30 has a tendency to round out the transient in a beneficial way, almost as though it mildly compresses the signal. Compare Compare Now site5127474164892315576 1274319727305. fiddlepogo - Posted - 05/23/2010:  16:47:50. They were all good choices though, with the possible exception of the PR-20, which seems like more of a live/instrument mic than a studio vocal mic. And the thought also occurred that the PR30 could be put to use as the overhead fiddle and vocal mic, and the PR-35 could be used for guitar (where the low cut switch would be VERY handy) and banjo.So I bought the PR30, and it arrived today.Plugged it into a little preamp and into a Realistic MPA-20 someone gave me and into an 8 inch Fender guitar speaker. I've never tried a PR35 on anything but live voice, so I … Find great deals on eBay for heil pr30. Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Copyright 2020 Fiddle Hangout. Check it out! Right now, Heil has several designs, many of which we’ll highlight over time, but the three I’ll start with are the mainstays – PR30, PR20, and PR40. More room noise and less full overall. when my banker will again smile. PR30 is great on Drums, Percussion, and of … +420 728 887 962 E-mail: [email protected] IČO: 01813501 5.0 of 5 stars (2) Reviews. I put the SM7b up next to a Heil Pr20, which appears to have virtually the same response curve as the PR35, although I think the PR35 reduces the proximity affect. Definitely both awesome mics, buy both, ldo. shortyprs and uncle duncan thanks...very helpful! Thanks for the info Don't get me wrong, the 781 sounds good. Take your playing to the next level with the help of a local or online fiddle teacher. This mic sounds very smooth, the highs are clean and there is almost zero harshness. I have been using Heil PR35's ... try using the PR30. Heil Sound Windscreen for PR30 & PR40 Microphones. DVD-quality lessons (including tabs/sheet music) available for immediate viewing on any device. Between the remaining three, the 30 won the challenge, being a bit more detailed in the high end and well balanced across the rest of the spectrum (which is what was wanted for the application they were being auditioned for, which was female vox). Bob is a legend and a pioneer in our industry. The SM7 has significant peaks at 5k and 6k, and a significant dip at 7 - 8k; then it comes back to zero at 10k. Didn`t really think i was gonna use it much. !In spite of that, I recorded enough to know that the PR30 seems to be an exceptionally accurate mic.I really got the sense listening to the recording that I was hearing the true voice of the Knilling... which is a little dry sounding.Nevertheless, without a drop of reverb added, it was rather pleasant to listen to- a little shrill on the E string, but that's the way the fiddle is.Then for contrast I recorded with the Studio Project B1 mics. However, the Heil PR30 definitely fits in with all of those. Heil Mics capture what your tone really sounds like and what you really want to hear!” More from Santiago Dobles from Aghora The MP2 did its tube magic of warming and rounding the high end crispy on my voice. Very annoying!! The gig went well (senior facility gig), but unfortunately for comparison purposes, it wasn't a fiddle gig-I sang and accompanied myself on my nylon string.For most of the gig, I used my normal setup for vocal using the PR35, but replaced the Samson R11 with the PR30.One great thing about that is that the R11 was far more feedback prone. I thought the M99 and RE-20 sounded closest to each other of the group. I am amazed when somebody sends me back an audio clip of my transmission the quality of the sound is that good. !When I'm singing into the PR30, I'm usually using the PR35 on guitar or banjo, whichalso sounds really good. Thanks. I've already pulled out my trusted sm7b and an m88gt for comparison. The Heil PR35 uses a neo magnet and has more output than say a Shure SM58 or most of the typical mics people use. If you continue, we will assume that you agree to. Consensus/Conclusion 10. 'I installed some Wittner tuning pegs on my two fiddles' 1 day, 'Fiddle Lesson - How can I improve my fast playing?' At the request of lighting crews, Heil began offering the mic in a black finish. They are … I was using a Samson R11 with the foam removed from the windscreen for guitar, banjo and the fiddles back plate, but the sound quality was so inferior to the PR35 that I hated using the Samson.So I was wanting another Heil mic, mostly for guitar and banjo use.But which one?Initially I was attracted to the PR20 or PR22.Both have the same element, the PR22 has the internal shock mount for less handling noise and is $160, the PR20 is only $100.I had thought of getting another PR35, since it was working so well, but then I would have another iffy mic clip to deal with. The mic was originally offered in a silver finish. )but then I noticed that the PR30 is just a little clearer and crisper.Then I tried the PR30 on fiddle. Specifications 2. Pr35 came in yesterday afternoon. Crosby Stills Nash and Young used them, and Jay Ungar (correction- ahem! The SM7 is a great Vocal Mic for singers who don't do well with LDC Mics. I tried one against the PR35, and liked the PR35 better. Monthly newsletter includes free lessons, favorite member content, fiddle news and more. A buddy has been using some Heil's and offered to let me check out the pr22 and pr35, so I'll start there. PR35 je konstruován pro komerční vysílání, záznam a živé zvučení vyžadující široký kmitočtový rozsah s vyrovnaným průběhem. )Darol Anger records fiddle with them sometimes. - Heil PR30; Finding the Ultimate Kick Drum Microphone! This is an amazing dynamic mic that I use on many different sources.

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